vessel: ben

ben is my tallest vessel yet at 630 mm tall. he is based on a pair of curtains i saw in a hotel. ben is a stoneware, strap-built vessel, decorated with two slips and glaze. ben took over a week to build, and over three to be finished. the structure of the vessel is not complex however it took a while to build up, as the strength of the straps had to be able to hold the weight of the next. i overcame this by making the straps themselves incredibly thin, making ben very light for such a large vessel. 

ben fits well into many enviroments, possibly due to his expanse and muted palette. i have noticed also that many people want to hold ben despite his size, i believe (mostly assume) that this is due to the curvature of the vessel and the stature.


ben in the studio with lucy newnham's pieces behind. 

ben and washing line.jpg

ben in the garden sunbathing by the washing line and overflowing drain. 

this particular video involves both ben and i interacting with one another within spaces. this premise may seem strange but working within sculpture, the interaction with a piece is vital to it's perception by an audience. 

interaction videos are therefore a really important research part of my practice.