fabric stuffed with reclaimed plastic [2020] 1200 x 430 x 150 mm


big boi swanson. swanson is my largest fabric sculpture measuring 1.2m tall. He is made entirely of recycled fabric and reclaimed plastic. I created swanson to be stodgy, large and dominating in a space. Therefore, he seems to have a almost permanent scowl with I feel contrasts with the pretty vintage fabric with makes up his entire body. 


As I don’t have access to a sewing machine I handstitched swanson over the course of two days. His hands have four fingers each and for the animation ‘Wednesday’ I show his hands often as I feel they, along with swanson’s face are the most communicative parts of the sculpture. swanson’s long limbs make him very flexible and interesting to display along other pieces. He can dominate a space easily once his limbs are place akimbo.


if you fancy having swanson, note that he comes with a pair of little green socks. free of charge.