inside the cupboard

star boy 

cupboard love

inside the cupboard is a project based around the concept of the wunderkammer (wonder cabinet) and inspired by the surrealist film movement. 


i have always been primarily concerned with the object as it's own entity with character and narrative. however even though i have worked within sculpture for some time now, i have always struggled with its lifetime trajectory and where it could progress. i found that i often created works, sat them with other pieces, photographed them and then sold them, slightly dissatisfied with their life as an object. studying artists such as betty woodman, showed me that environments could be created, however until i ventured into film i couldn't bring my environments together in the way i truly wanted to, with sound, lighting and movement.  


creating environments within confined spaces was based upon sophie calle's the birthday ceremony. with ceramic interacting with fabric, interacting with wood, interacting with metal - creating a multi layered amalgamated collage.